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Why You Need REAP

Why You Need REAP

There is a vast difference in our firm and credentials, an Independent Registered Investment Advisor, and that of most other traditional brokers or bankers.

In the financial world today, there are basically two types of advice available to investors: that given by stockbrokers, and that given by Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). Unfortunately, most investors don’t know the difference between these two kinds of advice.

Why You Need REAP

In fact, most aren’t even aware a difference exists. In a recent survey:

of investors believed both stockbrokers and independent RIAs have a responsibility to act in their best interests.*
of investors did not understand the different obligations required of RIAs and stockbrokers. Unlike stockbrokers, RIAs have an obligation to act in an investor’s best interests in all aspects of the financial relationship.*
said they would rather work with an investment advisor if they knew advisors provided greater investor protection than stockbrokers.*

The truth is, there’s considerable confusion in the investment community regarding financial advice and the people who dispense it.

If you don’t feel like your broker shares your goals, maybe it’s because he or she doesn’t. The fact is, your broker is typically paid by his or her firm, not you. This means, he’s constantly trying to balance your needs with those of his employer.

A close look at the fine print on an advised investment account is enough to open anyone’s eyes. Read a brokerage firm’s disclaimer and you’ll see that their interests may conflict with yours. In contrast, the fine print from independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) explains that they have a fiduciary obligation to put your interests first. Looking out for you isn’t just part of our job, it’s our legal responsibility. When the differences between brokers and RIAs are magnified, your choice is easy to see!

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