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REAP Risk Analysis

REAP Risk Analysis

For your FREE Investment Risk Analysis, please fill out the form below. All information is confidential, in accordance with our privacy policy. It is our pleasure to provide this complimentary service, and we will respond with your analysis as soon as possible.

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What are your investment objectives?

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Time Horizon

When do you expect to begin withdrawing money from your investment account?

For how many years will you be making the withdrawals?

How much do you rely on income from this investment?

Risk Tolerance

Investment decisions involve a trade-off between risk and return. Risk is any possibility of loss to your portfolio value. Return is the amount earned or profit on an investment. Generally, investments with the highest potential for gains carry the greatest risk of loss.
Indicate the response that you feel best describes your risk tolerance:

What is your annual investment return expectation relative to inflation?

How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “I am willing to lose larger sums of money in the short term if I can enjoy potentially higher returns in the long term.”

Which hypothetical portfolio are you most comfortable with, considering the possible outcomes of $100,000 invested for 5 years:

What is your investment priority?

Historically, markets have experienced downturns, both short-term and prolonged, followed by market recoveries. Suppose you owned a well-diversified portfolio that fell by 20% (i.e. $100,000 initial investment would now be worth $80,000) over a short period, consistent with the overall market.
From the above scenario, assuming you still have 10 years until you begin withdrawals, how would you react?

Which of the following statements best describes your attitude towards long-term investing?

If a unique circumstance were to require an amount of capital equal to at least one-fourth the value of this portfolio, where would you obtain the money?

Investments generate returns in different ways. Which of the following more closely describes your view?

Describe the kind of risk which with you are comfortable:

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